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Some Basic Care Guidelines And Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Pool Screen Enclosures
Q. What is the best way to clean my pool enclosure screens?

A. Use a mild soap and water mixture, such as dish soap. Using a soft bristle brush, scrub from side to side, up and down, front and back, and then rinse the screen soap free with a garden hose. After rinsing, snap-dry the screens to shake off most of the water then allow them to air dry. Depending on how dirty your screens are, you may have to repeat this process.

Q. I have some mold on the aluminum pool screen fixtures and casings. I've heard I can clean it safely with bleach water, is that correct?

A. This is a bit more than a "yes or no" question. Have you ever cleaned an aluminum pot with bleach -- depending upon the amount of pure bleach you could compromise the integrity of the aluminum or discolor the pot. The same principle can apply here. You need to be careful how much bleach you mix with the water. It doesn't take much to kill mold but some home owners believe "more is better" and when it comes to using chemicals and cleaning agents that is not necessarily a correct principle. It would be better to use a very light mixture of bleach and water to kill the mold and then follow up with the basic cleaning above. Another consideration is the color of the aluminum -- if your pool enclosure aluminum is white then the mold shows up quicker as opposed to a dark or bronzed aluminum service. Cleaning as outlined in the above question on a regular basis usually impedes the formation of mold...BUT if you are in an area where it just keeps growing quickly then consider the use of a very light bleach mixture occasionally. If the problem is too persistent then first call your pool enclosure company for more direct referrals or a referral to a specialized cleaning service - but this is rarely needed even in areas such as central florida.

Q. How can I scare off ducks when they want to sleep and crap on my screen pool cage when I sleep at night?

A. Here are some suggestions about this from other pool enclosure owners:
  • Keep a dog on site.
  • If you can't keep a dog on site, you could try a tape recording of barking - intermittant so you don't anger your neighbors but just enough to unsettle the ducks through the night.
  • You might try getting a big rubber snake.
  • A dog would be best. An aggressive outdoor cat would be second best. A motion-sensor activated sprayer on the hose works. As a last resort, electrify the pool cage. :) Hey, you can have fried duck for breakfast...
  • I used to work at a place that played the sound of a hawk screaching once in a while to scare off geese. Not sure how much your neighbors would like that though.
  • buy pigeon guards. (little installable spikes )
  • I had a similar situation and purchased a fake lifesize horned owl. I had no more bird problems.
  • theres a great sprinkler thats activated with a motion sensor...that worked for me.
Q. Do most pool cages or pool screen enclosures hold up to strong storms or even hurricanes?

A. This is another complicated question. The most important factors are finding out what the pool cage or pool screen enclosure being built for your pool area is rated for with regards to storms, wind and weather. Some companies provide poor, or weaker, structures than other companies. The type of materials, thickness and strength of the aluminum, and the structure of the design are all factors that go into this consideration. The first thing you should do is ask your pool cage company what their ratings are and if they offer any additional strengthening or upgrading to their standard structures. If not, you may want to consider another company. Summer Time Screen Enclosures, Inc. builds very strong cages and enclosures as their standard and can discuss with you any additional considerations you might want.

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