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This page will help you with some terms we may use and some information to help you if you choose to take your own measurements on your pool and patio area for installing and building a pool cage or screened pool enclosure. Note: We are more than happy to come to your location and take the measurements for you.

  • Fascia:
    The long protective plank or board behind, and usually under, the raingutter attached below the frontline of the roof. NOTE: For two-story houses you will use a standard fascia height of 10' (since there would likely be no fascia) for single-story pool enclosures.
  • Height:
    Distance from mounting surface up to the highest peak of the structure.
  • Width:
    Distance along front wall, from end to end.
  • Length or Span:
    Distance from the house wall, looking out.
  • Mounting Surface:
    This surface may be a wood deck, concrete slab, or pavers (VERY IMPORTANT: Recent code changes in Central Florida require a "band or ribbon" footer when using pavers. This will be a type 2 footer that will create the perimeter wall that the 1"x2" screenwall baseplate(screenwall) anchors directly into. Your pavers will then "butt" up to the screenwall. If you have any questions regarding this, please contact a Summertime representative.
  • Right and Left End (side) walls:
    Refers to either the right or left hand ends of the enclosure addition, with your back to the back property line wall looking inward towards your house. Wall on left would then be known as "left" wall, etc.

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