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Styles and Types of Swimming Pool Screen Enclosures - Orlando - Central Florida - Pool Cage Type - Summertime Screen

Capea Enclosures

Architectural Panels called Capea= Classic Architectural Pool Enclosure Accents

Pool Enclosures Columns and Beams - Capea - Foam Accents


This is the Classic Dome Style Pool or Patio Enclosure. Get yours with or without a lower horizontal chairrail for a better view, and panel spaces 16' to 17' feet wide and beyond.

Arch Pool Enclosure - Domed Cage


Mansard Style Pool Enclosure, angled on all sides and flat in the middle.

Tall Cage Enclosure - Backyard - Patio


Large peaked enclosure.....

Angled Pool Enclosure - Gabled Swimming Patio Pool Cage


This is the Hip Style Pool Enclosure. Angles on all 4 sides and peaked in the middle.....

Clean - Solid Patio Covering - Pool and Patio


A classic example to keep your roof line below that of your house, super strong. It is a more economical way to enjoy a 2 story high screen enclosure. It can also be done on a tall single story structure as well....

2 story enclosure

2 Story Swimming Pool or Patio Enclosure.

Pool Cage - Florida - Standard Enclosed

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