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Hurricane Proof Pool Screen Enclosures
Let Us Create a Dream View Enclosure For you

Picture Window Views

Wide Picture Window Views

Our Solid Post Powerbeam Construction eliminates that
Cagey feeling of traditional Old Style hollow frame enclosures,
and creates a feeling of openness making your space feel twice as large.
And WOW what a View...

Wide Picture Window Views Outside View

Wide Picture Window Views

No Blow Down Warranty - Hurricane Proof Screen Enclosure


   Picture Window Views 


    Simply Beautiful

Wide View Picture Window Pool Enclosure with Solid Post Construction

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Wide Picture Window View Pool Enclosure extension with solid insulated roof, Solid Posts Powerbeams and Capea Architectural Panels

Pool enclosures, screen enclosures, wide picture window views.

The Look of the Typical Screen Enclosures has changed.
Don't settle for the Cage look,
expand your views with our Exclusive Engineering Method Powerbeam.
Our unique Engineering method allows us to build your screen
enclosure like you build a house with solid post construction.
Steel rebar and concrete are filled inside our aluminum frame.
This method can expand your viewing area give you a feeling of openness
and protect your view. Wide Panel Spacing can expand your viewing
area up to 30 feet Wide and beyond and 12 feet tall.

Wide View Panel Enclosures


Capea Architectural Panels

Introducing the Florida Power Beam system
In the midst of all the changes in our world today to make better, more efficient products - isn't it time we change the way we build aluminum screen enclosures - after the lessons learned from the 2004 hurricanes that devastated Florida?
Instead of the same old process of hollow beam posts and beams, isn't it time we learn from our lessons and build them with solid posts like you build a house, so they won't collapse in high winds? An enclosure that is so strong it comes with a "NO BLOW DOWN WARRANTY". The Florida Power Beam system is here. The posts are solid inside, we embed steel rebar into the foundation around your pool or patio area using epoxy with the holding strength of 20,000 lbs per bar and you get 2 of those inside each post. Then we seal the aluminum post around the steel, the inside of the post is coated and then filled with concrete giving you an Incredibly strong post - which also means that the panel spacing can be extremely wide to open up your views.

Another fact is that your enclosure is warrantied not to blow down in hurricane winds up to the wind zone your home is built to, (See the "No Blow Down Warranty")
This is not a hollow promise like the hollow beam frame enclosures that have no such warranty. Powerbeam solid post construction is the future of the screen
enclosure industry - it's solid smart engineering for a product built to last.

Hollow beam frame enclosures are the old method of the past, they were great in their day because it's all there was. They are cagey, and give you that closed in jail feeling, the are vulnerable in high winds, the are connected to the foundation using and relying on concrete screws for their strength. Before you invest in the same old hollow
frame screen enclosure come experience the New Changes in the Aluminum industry, quality construction built like your house and warrantied to last, that's
the way the Powerbeam solid post enclosures were designed.

Seriously consider...why get a hollow beam screen enclosure when you can get a Florida Power Beam - with a NO BLOW DOWN WARRANTY?
Call us for a free in home estimate and compare, our prices are very competitive.


Florida Power Beam - Enclosure Technology

Our customers and friends LOVE the way our screen enclosures look and operate - especially with our patented CAPEA.

CAPEA means "Classic Architectural Pool Enclosure Accents".
How would you like to create an entertaining environment that matches the beauty and elegance of your home? Screen enclosures were designed for keeping out bugs, leaves, and yard debris. Wouldn’t it be nice to enhance your functional screen enclosure to architecturally match your home or your favorite architecture? Let us design a CAPEA enclosure for your backyard.

We developed CAPEA. We manufacturer it. We offer it. It's affordable.
We continuously receive praise from our clients and their friends about how easy we are to work with and how affordable a custom pool enclosure can be. Please visit our testimonials page to read what they have to say.

CAPEA - Pools - Classic Architectural Pool Enclosure Accents

[click on a thumbnail to view a larger photo]

























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Screen rooms are so popular that it's almost strange to not see one on local homes. They let you enjoy your space while keeping nasty mosquitoes and pests out of your way. Regardless of the area you need to enclose, aluminum screen rooms can make your space more enjoyable, attractive and peaceful. Another great benefit by enclosing your pool area is that your pool stays cleaner which allows you more relaxation time and more time to enjoy your pool -- instead of spending all your time cleaning it.

Visit our photo gallery and either fill out our quote form online or give us a call for a FREE No-Hassle No-Obligation quote. You truly will be glad you did. In Orlando or the Central Florida Area call 407-688-0609

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